Upcoming Changes to MNLINK

Why is MNLINK changing?

MNLINK has been using the same platform to manage interlibrary loan requests for our entire 20 years of public access. Our platform vendor has given the program an end of life date that coincides with the end of our contract June 30, 2024. Our target launch date for the replacement program for MNLINK is April 30, 2024. 

What will happen to my requests?

The change of MNLINK system will not export requests from our current system into the new system. You will no longer be able to login to our current MNLINK environment after we switch to the replacement system. Your library’s interlibrary loan staff will still have access to requests created prior to the switch. They will be focused on filling them and winding down requests on the system while we still have access through June 30, 2024. Do not immediately place requests on the new system for something that may be potentially filled by an existing request on the current system. The current system will have requests filled through June 30, 2024.

Why can’t I request at this time/Request limit changes?

Many libraries are lowering their request limit to prepare for the changes. Libraries may implement a lower than normal limit with the launch of the replacement system because of the outstanding requests on our current system. Libraries set the active number of requests for their own patrons. 

How will I find the new MNLINK homepage?

The https://mnlink.org address will not change as our homepage. The look and feel will be updated with the change.

How will I login to the new MNLINK system?

The MNLINK system will continue to authorize users in real time with their home library system. You will continue to use your local library card number and PIN or Password to Login to the new system.

How can I manage my requests on the current system after April 30, 2024?

You may want to save a record of your activity before we changeover to the new system. First Login to your MNLINK account. Navigate to My Requests in the left navigation bar. You will need to use your browser’s tools to either save a copy of the page or print it. There is no option within the MNLINK program to perform those tasks or email your current request list.

Will there be downtime during the change?

We may have up to 1 day of downtime to make sure that all system changes and technology are ready to go on April 30, 2024.